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Hello everyone, my name is Teacher Owen. I’ve been an ESL teacher for more than 5 years now. All throughout these five years, I have handled English vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening classes for Korean and Japanese students.


Through my teaching experience, I realized that all students are special. Each student has their own great ideas; but the problem is that they cannot express it properly with the language barrier in place. It saddens me to see students who do their best to act out their ideas instead of saying it.

As an English teacher, it is my ultimate goal to help you, the student, to break this barrier permanently; so that you can show your full potential and excel in whatever you choose to do.

Learning English doesn’t have to be stressful and difficult. I teach students based on their needs and interests. Also, through my drawing skills, I make sure that each class is not just effective but also fun. You wouldn’t even feel that you are studying. 


So, I hope you will let me help you learn English. I can’t wait to have a class with you!


OnAir English
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Hello everyone! I am Teacher Sugar. I have been an ESL teacher for four years and I enjoy teaching to a broad range of learners.  My experiences in teaching have let me gain an understanding into the challenges that ESL learners’ face. Each learner is unique and they possess different needs, interests, and goals; but these things might not be met because of their anxiety, fear, and problems as they learn the language.


Thus, my objective is to make my learners feel motivated and excited about English. Learning should be simple and fun. I desire to share a great deal of knowledge to the learners, so that they can use it effectively in real life situations.


I believe that teaching English goes far beyond mere lecturing of rules. It is to encourage learners to persevere, progress, and be fearless in learning the language. I enjoy what I do and I am looking forward to sharing with you what I know. 


OnAir English
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Hello everyone!

I am teacher Raine! I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. Teaching is my passion. That is one of the reasons why I am here today. In this modern world where English is widely used, it is necessary for us to learn the language and be able to communicate with it effectively.

Hence, my aim in teaching my students is to help them develop their English skills and to make our class engaging and fun. I always give my students enough chance to practice speaking so that they can build their confidence using the language. In my class, it is fine to make mistakes because it is my duty as a teacher to correct them. To get my students engaged in class, I use various instructional techniques to move students progressively and make the teaching-learning more meaningful.

I'm looking forward to teach students with varied needs and interests. I believe that vetter learning can be achieved through a motivating and engaging environment. See you in my class!


OnAir English
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 Hello everyone my name is June. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in General Science. I have been an ESL teacher for about seven years now.

Teaching is my passion. I love to teach ESL learners of varying age. I love to see them grow and learn the English language the easiest way.  Teaching ESL learners opens up a lot of creative opportunities as a teacher. It gives me the ability to go down to my own teaching path and teach the way that I believe is best for my students.

Learning is not only limited on the four corners of a regular classroom setting. With the advent of the internet, we’re able to break the geographical restrictions and so online teaching was born. Online teaching is such a fulfilling job. It is fulfilling in the sense that we were able to touch the hearts and minds of our students even if we’re so many miles away.


It seemed to me that learning nowadays is just right at your fingertips. And learning English is just easy as 1, 2, 3. So what are you waiting for? Come and join me and let’s learn the English language today.


OnAir English
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英語教育はグローバル化にともない、読み書きのテスト対策の英語から、実際に聞く、話すという実用的なCommunicative English(コミュニケーションのための英語)へと変わってきました。私はある機会にフィリピン人の英語講師と一緒に働くことになりました。そして彼らたちの優秀さに驚きました。相対的に物価が安く、人件費も日本ほど高くないフィリピンを拠点にインターネットを利用すれば、高品質なレッスンをより低料金で提供でき、私の考える理想の英語教育が普及できるという信念を持つようになりました。


オンエアイングリッシュは、予約不要の担任講師制を採用し、受講者ひとりひとりに合わせたレッスンプランをご用意いたします。また、担任制なので、担当講師が受講生の学習履歴をしっかり管理でき、次のレッスンをより効果的に行うことができます。 オンエアイングリッシュの講師一同は、皆さんの英語習得という旅に喜んでお供します。よろしくお願いします。